That wasn't supposed to happen

I need my followers to spread this question EVERYWHERE THEY CAN. A few years ago (not sure how many) I discovered a 8 bit music artist by the title of Nintendude. His music was AMAZING. I hold a special place in my heart for those songs becuase they bring back fond memories when i think about them. However, in recent years these songs have all but completely vanished from the internet. The only place I can find any trace of them is on Last FM, and I cannot even play them or contact the artist(s). So here is my mission for you guys. Spread the word, see if anyone, everyone can search for a place to retrieve these songs! I’ll list the ones I can remember (as far as names)

Giga Flare

Castle of Bone

The kalinoski effect

Burning Blade

Submarine Dive

Colonel Mustache

Race of Fury


Electric Forest

Jade Dynasty

White Chocobo Garden

If any of you can find these songs, the reward for it is actually the songs themselves. They are phenomenal and I cannot find a chiptune/8 bit tune I like better than these. If you locate them (a place where they can be downloaded or even a way to contact the artists) PLEASE send me the link through my submit box! So REBLOG THIS EVERYWHERE! PLEASE! I’m actually quite desperate to find these songs again TT^TT