Shit, Where's My Hat?
Teller is not having the best of nights right now. Check in later.

Teller is not having the best of nights right now. Check in later.






when u crouch in front of other team to b friends but they kill u 



The blog is up, but it still needs to be like, fully set up! There are no posts yet and it’s very bland, but once we are all set I’m gonna start using it!

Double Cleff - Ruta
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Song for prismahays! Her character (who is an unpredictable, killing machine infected with a virus) is a WELL of inspiration, and a total cutie! You can expect more about her soon, but I’m not sure when, since I have work on Zoophobia to do as well as my own projects. 

I hope you all enjoy, and thank you for listening!

You never cease to amaze me man! Look at this! GO FOLLOW Cleffy he has such amazing talent!


See that little angel up there? That’s Pepper, a (roughly) 8-week old kitten that was left abandoned outside of a pawnshop near my mother’s workplace. She was scruffy and malnourished and needs a lot more care… but I need some help!

Pepper here is one of my many mounting bills that I have to take care of. She is healthy for the most part and extremely playful, but she has a flea problem. My goal is to get her treated ASAP with some Frontline Plus, but I need the funds to do it!

Along with Pepper, I have several bills that I need to pay off, including some medical bills from previous doctor visits I needed.

Interested in commissions? Look here!

Pictured above beneath Pepper there are some of my collectibles that I’m going to be parting with, for anyone interested. Listed below are ROUGH PRICES for each with shipping included in the price; I’m willing to haggle within reason. Everything here is in excellent condition, unless otherwise noted.

  • Master Chief helmet: From the Halo 3 Legendary edition. 
    Comes with the helmet, cover and stand (which can hold the game or something else of your choosing). CANNOT be worn and does NOT include the game! == $60
  • Borderlands GOTY Edition Guide: Hardcover, shiny! ;V == $20
  • Borderlands 2 limited edition guide: (Not pictured.) Also hardcover and shiny plus handsome jack’s smugass face is on the back???? UM???? == $20
  • Deco Devolution: Art book from the Bioshock 2 Collector’s edition. Look at it, it’s so pretty and shit. 

Other stuff I have that can be discussed:

  • Ghaleon puppet, Lunar Silver Star Story (The box is smashed to hell but Ghaleon is in great, fisticuffs-ready condition.) 
  • Kiki’s Delivery Service Artbook
  • Fable 3 Collector’s Guide (Has the Logan propaganda design)

If you’re not interested in any of these items, please hit me up for some commissions!

Thanks so much!



"I’m cool with Dan and all, but Arin and Jon always had a more real friendship-"


Welcome to the party new followers! Hope you have a great time being here!



when someone adds an unnecessary comment on a post


when someone adds a gross unnecessary comment on a post


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Lag and Freezing issues


So Don’t Starve freezes when loading a new world and during saving. it’s only for a few seconds, but whenever the game freezes it will interrupt recording software such as bandicam, cutting off what I am saying mid sentence and splicing it with whatever I’m saying when the freeze ends. Anybody know of a fix for this?

Seriously, can anybody hook me up with a solution?